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Hurst Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 3JR

tel: 01322 527981

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Postal Address:

Old Bexley C of E Primary School

Hurst Road


Kent DA5 3JR


Telephone: 01322 527 981


Fax: 01322 553 321




Head Teacher: Mrs Jill Ivil



The designated teachers for Child Protection are Mrs J Ivil (Head Teacher), Mrs R Hookey (Deputy Head) and Mrs J Netherton (Deputy Head).  Please contact these designated teachers if you have any concerns regarding a pupil at Old Bexley C of E Primary School.



The Senior Management Team are:

  • Mrs J Ivil (Head Teacher)

  • Mrs R Hookey (Deputy Head, KS2)

  • Mrs J Netherton (Deputy Head, KS1)

  • Miss J Edwards (Assistant Head, Curriculum)

  • Mrs G England (Assistant Head, Assessment)

  • Mrs M Hill (Assistant Head, SEND)



The Heads of Year are:

  • Miss L Velvick, Head of Early Years

  • Mrs G England, Head of Year 1

  • Miss P Love andMrs K Grace, Head of Year 2

  • Miss T Sanderson, Head of Year 3

  • Miss J Crawford, Head of Years 4

  • Mr R Jessup, Head of Year 5

  • Mrs N Carter, Head of Years 6




Please email if you would like to contact any of the above members of staff.