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Napache School, Malawi

James Matowe is the head at Napache School and is very keen to support the link with Old Bexley.  We are looking forward to working with him.


Alfred Linyanja the deputy head at Napache came to visit us on 15th June 2016 and spent a week in school. He was very excited to be coming to this country and we were very happy to host him.  


Gift Asiki (the previous Head at Napache) has moved to another local primary school which he says is in poor condition and where there is a lot of work to do. He has been a very successful head at Napache and has helped many children. He has always been extremely appreciative of the link with Old Bexley and sends everyone here his best wishes.

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The container we sent to Malawi with exercise books, pens and other essential equipment has arrived at Napache School. Staff and pupils are delighted with their new supplies and send their thanks and best wishes to everyone at Old Bexley.


The picture below shows Alfred's class with their new items.

boxes_from_container alfreds_class_2

It has taken a while but the toilets paid for by fund raising at Old Bexley have finally been completed.


They are a huge improvement on what was there before and go some way towards providing the children with safe and hygienic toilets.


As always the staff and children at Napache are very grateful for your support.


Below is the brick kiln behind the school where all the bricks for the toilets were baked

rsz_napache_toilets Imageresized00001