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Safer Internet Day - Wed 6 February 2019

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Old Bexley celebrated Safer Internet Day on Wednesday 6 February.  The theme for 2019 was "together for a better internet".


The day focused on how consent works in an online context and asked pupils to explore how they ask, give and receive online consent.  Sixth Form students from Townley Grammar visited to take the KS2 assembly and spoke about online consent.  Following the assembly, pupils did some work in class and they each wrote a pledge to ask permission before they put anything online.    


Your Choice or Mine - film for parents and carers


Young people and their parents were put head-to-head in a game show and asked questions about consent online. The aim was to find out if parents and their children have the same or differing opinions on a range of online consent topics.  See how they got on in the video below.  


Your Choice or Mine is a great conversation starter that lets parents and young people share views and learn from one another. Safer Internet Day's aim is to inspire conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. Why not try this at home with your child(ren) and answer the questions below?


Start conversations at home with some more "Your Choice or Mine" questions:


Do you need to ask before you…


…post a location on where you and family currently are?

…share a selfie of you with your best friend?

…upload a video of a family member doing something silly?

…add a friend to your family group chat?

…invite a new player to join your online gaming team?

…send a link to a friend of something controversial online?

…wish someone ‘happy birthday’ online?

…change the Wi-Fi password at home?

…give an app permission to see your contacts on your device?

…post a photo of your child on the first day of school?

…complete an online survey that asks questions about your family?

…use another family member’s account on a shared device?

…give out your friend’s phone number to a mutual friend?

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